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Sabe Jones

It's time! Yes, I had planned to take a break, but fate had other plans. Won't you come delve the rusted depths with me?

Hey, it's Wednesday, and time for some on Twitch! Gonna throw my choices to the whims of fate again and see what we're playing tonight. Last time it was -- what'll it be this time?

Stream starting up soon! What are we up to tonight? More ? ? Something entirely different? I throw myself to the whims of fate!

Going live with some Starward Rogue by Arcen Games. Come see me get blowed up in action procgen dungeons!

OK, now it's time for the as-scheduled stream. Psychic mutants! Ancient dungeons! Psychic mutants IN ancient dungeons!

Got a couple of random free hours, so I'm experimenting with doing some more action-y streaming. anyone?

Argh. I really don't want to go back to Chrome from Firefox right now (Chrome is really slow by comparison, these days, what with all the data mining), but I cannot find a working extension that will let me apply custom styles to Websites. help?

The dream: A keyboard with LED backlighting will let me code in the dark like a real hacker!
The reality: I can see every eyelash I have ever shed

It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means! Bizarrely mutated adventurers making their way in the salt-spangled wastes!

Going live with some more soon! Let's side-quest to our hearts' content before venturing into the next, quite difficult step of the main story.

Change of pace for tonight--in light of frequent save game compatibility breaks leading up to this week's big Caves of Qud update, we're taking some time aside to play ! Come make gamer bros sad that delving these dungeons as a dude is not an option.

I won't let a thing like bombs bursting in air outside my house deter me from streaming! Let's explore some more random villages together, and maybe tune my character builds as they live and drink and die.

Man, you do a few streams and suddenly your tendency to talk to yourself about what you're doing goes WAY up

And then my dog clobbered me and nearly broke my nose. Monday!

Phew! After a bit of an oops with my password manager, I had to reset my Mastodon password.

For my login on my own instance. 😹

But hey, it got me to fix the SMTP settings, which I guess weren't set up correctly before...

Your thirst is mine; my water is yours. Won't you join me for some streaming this eve?

Next Qudstream is Thursday. Maybe we'll *actually* go to Bethesda Susa this time...

Got a late start and thus didn't announce tonight's stream ahead of time, but here's the video! Some intense battle versus the fascistic Putus Templar, and a couple of tinkering/menuing pratfalls.

Ooh, shiny: a way to set upcoming events! Next stream will be Sunday night. Poke here for a reminder!

Another successful stream! Somehow, this character is surviving, against all odds. Mamon Souldrinker down; next, Bethesda Susa...?