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Sabe Jones

Sunday's MTG Arena on-the-fly color-pie experimentation was a good time, and the Singleton event is still on, so let's roll again! Maybe we'll earn enough gold for some Draft? ^.^

Once more we hurl our evening to the whims of chaos. What will the Wheel of Games point us toward tonight? Come tune in and find out!

It's time to spin the wheel of games! What'll it be tonight? More Caves of Qud? MTG Arena? Starward Rogue? Or something new? Tune in and find out with me!

Something a little different tonight on the stream! We're going to try some Magic: the Gathering Arena. Come see the latest incarnation of the much-beloved TCG that invented the genre!

From what we could tell, the mystery in Bey Lah varies from one visit to the next. Can we find it again and perhaps unravel different threads?

It's time for some deertaur sleuthing shenanigans! We had some false starts last time, but now we're ready to explore @inurashii's great designs within Caves of Qud. Whodunit? Come find out with me!

Come, hindren and kendren alike! Let's try to find the secret village of Bey Lah in Caves of Qud, and thereby enjoy the designs and words of the delightful @inurashii.

Being fat is not shameful. We're killing people with this cruel, bullying approach to "health".

All right! It's one more night of @pathofexile before we cut back to @cavesofqud on Sunday. Let's freeze some gribblies and collect their shinies!

Stay sane, exiles! It's one more week of Path of Exile on the channel, while we await the official arrival of Bey Lah in Caves of Qud. Let's Delve!

Ahoy, exiles! It's time for your Wednesday night Path of Exile Delve with Elseleth. Stop by for some totems and tunes!

I am eyeing the fields of Bey Lah for an upcoming stream... but tonight, it's more Path of Exile! Let's hang out with some fun tunes, freeze monsters with thaumaturgy, and level up!

Time for some more Path of Exile: Delve! Chill with us as we wander through the darkness, looting and leveling up and all that good stuff.

Trying something a little different tonight: some Path of Exile, checking out the new "Delve" league! It's a more actiony endeavor than we're used to, perhaps, but we're keeping it laid back.

It's Wednesday night, and time for some Roguelike streaming! Let's ascend the delightfully dangerous pixel dungeons of this time.

Tonight: we spin the wheel of games! What's next up? Starward Rogue? MTG Arena? Something special from the backlog? Tune in and find out, same time as I do!

New life motto: "Don't ask for forgiveness; earn it."
(Also maybe: "Don't promise to do things; do them.")

It's time to dash for the finish line in ! Come explore the Rainbow Wood in search of mushrooms: some psychotropic, some talkative!

Sunday is here! Our Arconaut has gone from Unstable Genome tabula rasa to hero of Bethesda Susa. Can they go the distance and finish out the rest of the game's storyline content? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday night time! We started off completely random, with four Unstable Genomes, but now we're rocking a turtle-shelled artillery esper. Will we die off tonight, or continue to tear through Qud on a finely honed carbide edge?